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Lease my accommodation…

Our vacation region offers a lot of preferences. Unfortunately some of the accommodations are not or insufficiently let. There are diverse reasons for that.

To change this situation different citizens of Unterbäch and people who are interested in Unterbäch have decided to establish a leasing platform for landlords. Ginals-online GmbH is an association with the objective to reduce the number of cold beds in and around Unterbäch. We are helping with the leasing and the maintenance of the accommodations and take care of the guest assistance. For this purpose we have established an online direct reservation system (unterbäch-online.ch).


 Would you as a landlord like to let your accommodation via our booking system? Then you can download the Ascertainment and Classification Sheet as a PDF file, fill it in and send it to unterbäch-online. Afterwards we will contact you immediately.

For further information or questions we are at your service.

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